No hidden fees

Our proposals include everything to submit basic site plans and receive permits, additional engineering services can be provided if your project is more complicated at reasonable rates

Quick turnaround

We specialize in local commercial and residential projects, we are able to create unique solutions in a timely manner.

Personalized to your needs

Each project is unique and requires different solutions to satisfy your needs. At Civil-X our basic site plan includes revisions based on client input, design, and value engineering.

One stop solutions

We work with local contractors to provide construction services including but not limited to, fire lines, sewer service, water service, grading, ponds, paving and concrete

a solution for every need

Our civil engineering services include everything needed to be issued a permit for construction including plan revisions, responses to comments, and resubmittals. In general a site plan submittal to Manatee County or Sarasota County requires a site plan, and storm water permitting through SWFWMD. Other civil engineering services are available, contact us to find out more

Construction / Final Site PLANS

Storm water permitting


Past Projects

Notable past projects our staff has worked on at Civil-X and other firms

Frequently asked questions

The basic site plans include everything needed to submit the following:

  • Manatee County Preliminary/Final/Administrative/Construction Site Plans
  • Sarasota County Concurrent Site Plans
  • Sarasota County Utility Plans 
  • City of Sarasota Administrative Site Plans
Also included in the basic package are procurement services such as:
  • Site research including utility availability, existing permits, zoning and stormwater
  • Site concept plans 
  • Pre-application meetings 
Construction phase services included are:
  • Witness required testing and connections
  • Site certification
  • Record drawing submittal

The general process for developing and submitting a site plan as follows:

  1. Survey site (At this time Civil-X is not providing surveying services) 
  2. Site research, find zoning requirements, available utilities etc 
  3. Site layout and client revisions 
  4. Prepare plans for submittal, once the design is finalized with the client we will prepare plans, calculations, applications, for submittal and coordinate with the landscape architect 
  5. Submit to municipality, they generally have 4-5 weeks to respond with comments
  6. Address comments and revise plans 
  7. Resubmit to municipality if needed 
  8. Address comments and revise plans if need 
  9. Submit to municipality for sign off

At Civil-X we try our best to accommodate to your changing needs, additional civil engineering services will either be billed hourly or a proposal can be created. The same goes for unforeseen conditions that weren’t expected in the initial design

We can provide services to coordinate with sending your project out to bid, we have contacts that can provide services for all aspects of civil construction, such as fire mains, water service, sewer services, storm water piping and structures, grading, asphalt, concrete and much more. 

For any questions not answered please Contact Us