Past projects

Manatee County Engineer

Parrish Charter Academy

Elementary and middle school in Parrish on Erie Rd. Site design include adding additional two story building along with stormwater system, water, sewer and fire utilties. 
12 unit condominium in downtown Sarasota. Site Design criteria consisted of 100’x100′ lot, 24 parking spaces, underground storm water vault, and supporting water, fire and sewer.
Construction finished in 1916, now operated by Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources. Site design criteria was to address water intrusion into basement, roof drains, yard drains and grading was designed
civil engineer
Former Sarasota High School building converted into art museum by Willis Smith Construction. Site design criteria consisted of site work around existing building, including drainage, grading, ADA accessibility, and utilities 
Sarasota County Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources new county owned park in City of North Port. Site design criteria was to ensure ADA accessibility on site. Some notable features were the floating ADA accessible kayak launch, ADA accessible kayak wash down rack, pathways, restrooms, and boardwalk. 
civil engineer Sarasota
civil engineer
Sarasota Memorial Hospital purchased the previous Herald Tribune building. Site Design Criteria included building parking a garage over top and around existing infrastructure, minimally impacting existing grand trees, and supporting utilities. 
City of Sarasota City hall in downtown Sarasota. Site Design criteria included site drainage and roof drains tying into existing stormwater system. 
civil engineer city of sarasota
Civil engineer manatee county
Sarasota Memorial Hospital and First Physicians Group medical office. Site Design Criteria included site layout, utilities, ADA accommodations, and comparability with the stormwater master plan. 

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